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Characters and Themes in Water by the Spoonful

Characters and Themes in Water by the Spoonful Water by the Spoonfulâ is a play composed by Quiara Alegria Hudes. The second piece of a set of three, this dramatization portrays the ordinary battles of a few people. Some are integrated by family, while others are tied through their addictions. The primary bit of Hudess set of three is named Elliot, A Soldiers Fugue (2007).Water by the Spoonfulâ won the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.The last piece of the cycle, The Happiest Song Plays Last, debuted in the spring of 2013. Quiara Alegria Hudes has been a quickly rising star in the dramatist network since the mid 2000s. In the wake of accomplishing honors and grants in local theaters, she entered a progressively worldwide spotlight with In the Heights, a Tony Award-winning melodic for which she composed the book. The Basic Plot From the start, Water by the Spoonfulâ seems to be set in two unique universes, with two distinct storylines. The main setting is our ordinary universe of work and family. In that storyline, youthful Iraq War veteran Elliot Ortiz manages an in critical condition parent, a no place work at a sandwich shop, and a thriving vocation in demonstrating. The entirety of this is heightened by repeating recollections (spooky mind flights) of a man he slaughtered during the war. The subsequent storyline happens on the web. Recuperating drug addicts associate in a web discussion that has been made by Odessa, Elliots birth mother (despite the fact that the crowd doesn't become familiar with her character for a couple of scenes). In the talk room, Odessa passes by her username HaikuMom. In spite of the fact that she may have flopped as a mother, all things considered, she turns into a motivation to ex-split heads seeking after another opportunity. The online occupants include: Orangutan: an addict whose street to recuperation has driven her looking for her introduction to the world guardians who live somewhere.ChutesLadders: a recouping drug someone who is addicted who keeps up close online associations, however presently can't seem to take them to the following level off-line.Fountainhead: is the most up to date part to join the gathering, yet his naivetã © and haughtiness from the start rebuff the online network. Legit self-reflection is requested before recuperation can start. Wellspring, a once effective businessperson who conceals his fixation from his better half, makes some hard memories being straightforward with anybody particularly himself. The Main Characters The most empowering part of Hudess play is that albeit each a character is profoundly defective, the soul of expectation sneaks inside each tormented heart. Spoiler Alert: Some of the contents amazements will be parted with as we talk about the qualities and shortcomings of each character. Elliot Ortiz: Throughout the play, typically during calm snapshots of reflection, an apparition for the Iraq War visits Elliot, resounding words in Arabic. It is suggested that Elliot executed this individual during the warâ and that the Arabic words may have been the exact opposite thing spoken before the man was shot. Toward the start of the play, Elliot discovers that the man he executed was essentially requesting his identification, recommending that Elliot may have slaughtered a guiltless man. Notwithstanding this psychological difficulty, Elliot still wrestles with the physical impacts of his war wound, a physical issue that leaves him with a limp. His long stretches of exercise based recuperation and four distinct medical procedures prompted a dependence on painkillers. On those difficulties, Elliot additionally manages the passing of Ginny, his organic auntie and assenting mother. At the point when she kicks the bucket, Elliot turns out to be severe and baffled. He asks why Ginny, a sacrificial, supporting guardian passed on while Odessa Ortiz, his foolishly careless birth mother, stays alive. Elliot uncovers his quality during the time half of the play as he grapples with misfortune and finds the ability to pardon. Odessa Ortiz: In the eyes of her individual recuperating addicts, Odessa (otherwise known as, HaikuMom) shows up pious. She empowers compassion and tolerance inside others. She edits foulness, outrage, and disdainful remarks from her online gathering. Also, she doesnt get some distance from vainglorious newcomers, for example, Fountainhead however rather invites every single lost soul to her web network. She has been tranquilize free for more than five years. When Elliot forcefully stands up to her, requesting that she pay for the decorative layout at the memorial service, Odessa is from the start seen as a casualty and Elliot as the insensitive, verbal abuser. Which means of the Title Notwithstanding, when we learn of Odessas back story, we figure out how her habit desolated her life as well as the lives of her family. The play gets its title Water by the Spoonfulâ from one of Elliots soonest recollections. At the point when he was a young man, he and his more youthful sister were gravely sick. The specialist trained Odessa to keep the youngsters hydrated by giving them one spoonful of water at regular intervals. From the start, Odessa adhered to the guidelines. Be that as it may, her dedication didn't keep going for long. Constrained to leave looking for her next medication fix, she surrendered her youngsters, leaving them secured their home until the specialists thumped down the entryway. At that point, Odessas 2-year-old little girl had passed on of lack of hydration. In the wake of being stood up to with the recollections of her past, Odessa advises Elliot to sell her lone ownership of significant worth: her PC, her vital aspect for continuous recuperation. After she surrenders that, she returns by and by to sedate maltreatment. She overdoses, skirting near the precarious edge of death. However and, after its all said and done, everything isn't lost. She figures out how to cling to life, Elliot understands that regardless of her awful life decisions, he despite everything thinks about her, and Fountainhead (the fiend who appeared past assistance) remains by Odessas side, trying to guide them into the waters of recovery.

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An Appreciation of a Dill Pickle

Once in a while I will feel that if a caring pair, who have been separated for a long time, meet once more, what will occur? Will they embrace firmly, crying, or will they spill out things happened these years to one another? In this article, I discover the appropriate response. After they rejoined, they just remembered and moaned with feeling. I think the title has suggested everything: the flavor of the dill pickle is acerb and it represents that the adoration among Vera and her past affection is likewise acerb; they are predetermined not to live respectively; in the mean time, it represents Vera’s feeling about their affection: acerb rather that sweet.Many subtleties in the article are significant, particularly the non-verbal communication. The second Vera met the man, â€Å"she raised her cloak and unfastened her high hide collar†. It clarifies that she dumped her resistance, needing to visit with him. Be that as it may, during their discussion, she found that after six years’ enduring, the uncertainty on him had grew dim and he had been an individual who profoundly knew the standard of society.Vera felt that they don't shared anything practically speaking with one another and she didn’t like tuning in to his flaunting, so â€Å"she fastened her neckline again and drawn down her veil† , returning to the appearance as she turned up in light of the fact that the man was not had the right to accept any more. Besides,the man’s activity as â€Å"snapped the cigarette case† likewise showed that the affection between them ought to be put away for the situation and become the past.Vera had ever question that on the off chance that it was all in all correct to surrender their adoration on the grounds that occasionally she would at present beat her heart for him. Be that as it may, finally, she left, leaving in a rush and making individuals baffled. She let everything go to begin another life. I figure she could never lament. The dill pickle is always a side dish as opposed to a course, so is Vera. Perhaps Vera could go with him incidentally, however she was unable to stay with him constantly.

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6 Reasons Why No One Comments on Your Blog

6 Reasons Why No One Comments on Your Blog Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!6 Reasons Why No One Comments on Your BlogUpdated On 16/05/2014Author : RojishTopic : Blogging FeaturedShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogWe know that comments are the thing that validates a blogs existence. Comments allows us to see what other people think about our posts, inspires new ideas and, above all, it does not make us feel like an idiot talking to our self. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build an audience that cares enough to speak up. Is your blog struggling to get responses from readers? Then you may be committing one or more mistakes listed below.1. You are not responding to commentsYou come into the room, make your little speech, and leave the building. No one wants to talk to a wall (except in Facebook). Commentators will expect reply for their comments and if they don’t get that they will not be interest ed in commenting on your blog. The blog conversations are not meant to be one sided, if we are not willing to use our own comment section why our readers would? Don’t hesitate to interact with your readers. Your blog’s comment section is where the relation between you and your readers begins. Replying to comments may consume some of your time, but it is well worth it.2. You make it too difficult to commentMake your comment section an easy place to access and hang out. A combination of Akismet and GASP plugin prevents spam to almost 100% then why we need to add captcha’s and puzzles? We can’t expect readers to stay in our blog solving puzzles whole day, so adding captcha’s will pull back them from commenting. Comment implementations like Disqus and Intense Debate may help you to manage comments efficiently but at the same time it can also set a barrier to comment. Even too many options are confusing and prevent people from commenting. Do you want readers to login to comment on your blog? If you really like the idea of having a login system, host a forum!3. You don’t network with other bloggersPeople who blog themselves will be much more likely to comment than those who don’t. Reach out to other bloggers by commenting on their blog and linking to their posts on your blog. Treat people like you wanted to be treated, so be generous with your own comments on others blogs. When the blog owner sees you contribute a relevant comment, then they’ll be happier to leave you a comment on your blog in return. It’s the concept of “give and take”.4. You are not rewarding commentatorsLet’s accept the fact â€" many blog commenters are self-serving and looking for links back to their own blog. There is nothing wrong in that because they are spending their valuable time for dropping a comment in our blog. As the blog owner it is our duty to reward them for their time. If you give them what they want, then they’ll be happier to leave a comment. CommentLuv is a fantastic plugin which helps commenters get more out of their commenting experience. It includes the commenters’ last blog post link at the end of their comments, which is an “incentive” that encourages your readers to leave their comments. You have to give special recognition to your top commentators and Top commentators plugin make it easy.READ3 Easy Efficient Ways To Increase Website Traffic5.  Readers do not comment because there is no commentsIt isn’t fun to go to a party with no people at it. We feel more comfortable getting to the party after a few people are there. The same is true for your blog also. Our world is populated in such a way that there are more followers than leaders. Most people want to become followers rather than leaders. It’s easier to add a comment when somebody else has been there. The first comment is the hardest one to get, but there is an easy way to get it â€" simply do it yourself ??   Get a cute name, gravatar and leave the first com ment yourself.  6. You don’t ask for itIf you want readers to speak up, ask them a question or two at the end of your post. If your post is so complete, readers may not know what to say except ‘good job’. So instead of commenting they read and move on. Don’t close a post such that your readers will be in confusion whether you want them to comment. You can ask a simple and related question at the end of the post, and ask your readers to share their thoughts.As you can see, there are a lot of different reasons that people might not be leaving comments on your blog. Comments play a huge role in the structure of a blog, and if your blog has no discussions going on, you have to realize that something is wrong with your blog. Experiment different things and find out what works best for you.What techniques do you use to encourage your readers to comment? Let’s chat about them in comments.This article is written by Rojish Roy. He is a 21 year old blogger who loves to write about b logging tips, affiliate marketing, SEO and his favorite CMS â€" WordPress.

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Western Civilization A Very Brief Overview from the...

Rome’s greatest achievements was to go beyond the limited political process that of the city-states and to develop a world-state with the different nations of the Mediterranean. In the eight century, B.C., peasant communities, along with Etruscan cities south to the Greek cities were absorbed by the Romans. Throughout this century, Roman acquired architectural styles and skills in road construction, sanitation, hydraulic engineering to include underground conduits. By the sixth century, Rome evolved into a republic, landowners, aristocrats and patricians overthrew the Etruscan king and religion governed the people, dictated the laws and legitimized the rule of the patricians. As they evolved the Romans loosened the grip between religion†¦show more content†¦The expansion of Rome occurred on three stages; the unification of the Italian peninsula, the collision with Carthage as Rome emerged as ruler of the western Mediterranean; and the conquest of the Hellenistic states. Rome’s successes of conquests was largely due to the superior military organization, training and iron clad discipline. Rome and the Mediterranean world enjoyed two hundred years of peace known as the â€Å"Pax Romana,† the Roman peace. During this period, Rome was enjoying peace and prosperity even after the death of Augustus. The Romans saw the â€Å"Pax Romana† as the fulfillment of Rome’s mission; a world-state providing peace, security, ordered civilization and the rule of law, â€Å"the time of Happiness.’ During this period, thousands of cities served as the centers of â€Å"Greco-Roman civilization. This process of expansion continued through the Hellenistic Age. Conditions for women and slaves improved and because Rome was engaged in fewer wars, the practice of freeing slaves was common. By preserving the Greco-Roman civilization and instituting a rational system of law to use for all humanity helped achieved the trend for universalism and cosmopolitism through the Hellenistic Age. The â€Å"Pax Romana† had serious defects, communication was poor and roads were building for military use rather than for commercial purposes. As such, transportation of goods by land was trecherious and the cost of goods increased substantially. The Greco-RomanShow MoreRelatedInstitution as the Fundamental Cause of Long Tern Growth39832 Words   |  160 Pageseconomic institutions are the fundamental cause of differences in economic development. We first document the empirical importance of institutions by focusing on two quasi-natural experiments in history, the division of Korea into two parts with very different economic institutions and the colonization of much of the world by European powers starting in the fifteenth century. We then develop the basic outline of a framework for thinking about why economic institutions differ across countries. EconomicRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 PagesNot Treating It Fairly ........................................ ............................. 174 Not Accepting the Burden of Proof ............................................................................................. 175 Diverting Attention from the Issue ............................................................................................. 176 Re-defining the Issue ....................................................................................................................

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The Theory Of Economic Growth Theory - 1703 Words

Literature review As an important and popular issue in the field of economic research, it attracts many economists and there are many models to explain economic growth. In the history of the development of economic growth theories, there are three important stages which are the Classical Growth theory, the Neoclassical Growth theory and the Endogenous Growth theory. To start with, the Classical Growth theory is based on the Keynesian theory and the representative one is the Harrod–Domar model. It was put forward by Roy F. Harrod in 1939 and Domar in 1946. This is the first economic growth model, changing the research on economic growth from the qualitative to the quantitative. There are four exogenous parameters in the Harrod–Domar model: the capital - output ratio, saving rates, technological progress and population growth rate (Harrod, 1939). Harrod brought in the notion of three different growth. The first one is warranted growth (Gw), which means the growth rate when the investment c an absorb all saving. The second one is natural growth (Gn), which is the rate to maintain full employment and determined by labor force. And the last one is actual growth (G), which can be determined by saving rate. The condition of stable growth is G=Gw=Gn. However, the condition cannot be met in the real world. As a result, the result of the Harrod–Domar model is the unstable growth (ibid). After that, Solow and Swan proposed the Solow-Swan model in 1956 separately, which belongs toShow MoreRelatedThe Theory Of Economic Growth6096 Words   |  25 PagesCHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW Abstract The theory of economic growth sparked a revolution that has touched most societies across the globe. (Need to finish the abstract) 2.0 Introduction The aim of this original piece of research is to contribute to the overall understanding of how financial development effects different sources of economic growth alongside the effectiveness of fiscal policy. In highlighting this research direction, a strong literature review is needed to indicate if any gaps existRead MoreRostows Theory Of Economic Growth1507 Words   |  7 Pages 2 Rostow’s theory of economic growth (or Rostovian take-off model), is historically one of the major models of economic growth. Published in 1960 by American economist Walt Whitman Rostow, the model dictates that economic growth occurs in five stages of fluctuating time periods. The five stages include 1) the traditional society, 2) the preconditions for take-off, 3) the take-off, 4) the drive to maturity, and finally, 5) the age of mass production. The following definitions were establishedRead MoreEconomic Theories of population growth7492 Words   |  30 PagesPopulation Growth and Natural Resources 73 3.2 Economic Theories of Population Growth In this section the demographic transition process observed in the previous section will be examined in terms of economic theories. 3.2.1 The Malthus model Thomas Robert Malthus Â…1766 ±1834† is known as a pioneer in the economic theory of population. His Principle of Population Â…[1798] 1926† was a re ¯ection of England s premiere entrance into the process of modern demographic transition. His populationRead MoreThe Theory Of Economic Growth Model2281 Words   |  10 PagesIntroduction Someone can notice vast differences in average real incomes, countries’ growth records and in standards of living over times that affect living human welfare. Many model mechanisms have been used to study the worldwide growth and income differences across countries. A fundamental model that economist have used to study these issues is the Solow growth model. This essay concentrates on the analysis of this model. Firstly, the derivation of the model will be demonstrated including theRead MoreRostow s Theory Of Economic Growth997 Words   |  4 Pages Rostow’s theory of economic growth (or Rostovian take-off model), is historically one of the major models of economic growth. Published in 1960 by American economist Walt Whitman Rostow, the model dictates that economic growth occurs in five stages of fluctuating time periods. The five stages include 1) the traditional society, 2) the preconditions for take-off, 3) the take-off, 4) the drive to maturity, and finally, 5) the age of mass production. The following definitions were established by WaltRead MoreEconomic Growth Theories and Models, A section of a Research Paper1524 Words   |  6 PagesLiterature review Classical Theory of Economic Growth Harrod Domar Growth Model The Neoclassical growth Model Empirical literature 2.1 Theoretical Literature The long history of ideas on economic growth started from the classical economists like Adam Smith, Robert Malthus, Ricardo and Marx. For more than three decades the Neoclassical and the Endogenous Growth theories were arguing and forwarding economic reasons on trend of economic growth through investment as a general and private investmentRead MoreA Brief Note On The Growth Theory And The Dual Sector Model Of Economic Development Essay3646 Words   |  15 Pages ENDOGENOUS GROWTH THEORY BY MARTIN RIITHO MAINA KCA 14/02073 A Term Paper submitted to Prof. Joseph Ongeri in fulfilment Of the requirements for the course Advanced Macro-Economics, as credit towards the degree of Master of Science (Finance and Economics) KCA UNIVERSITY November, 2014 â€Æ' TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1.0 Abstract.†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦..†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.†¦.†¦..3 1.1 Introduction†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦.........................................4 2.0 Literature review: Models†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦..†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦Read MoreThe Growth Model And Economic Growth1072 Words   |  5 PagesEndogenous growth model, it clarifies long-run economic growth as radiating from economic activities that make new technological knowledge. Endogenous growth can be explained as long-run economic growth at a rate dictated by factors that are internal to the economic framework, especially those factors administering the opportunities and motivators to create technological knowl-edge. Over the long run, the pace of economic growth, as determined by the output per individual growth rate, reliesRead MoreNon Oil Export Case Study1021 Words   |  5 PagesSeveral studies have been carried out on non-oil export and economic growth both Nigeria and other countries. Some studies have positive relationship between non-oil export and economic growth while some have negative relationship between non-oil export and economic growth. Studies based on Nigerian data whose findings have positive relationship to economic growth are: Obadan (2000); Asanebi (2007); Onayemi and Ishola (2000); Ogbonna (2010); Ozoudo (2010); Opara (2010); Nwachukwu (2014) in allRead MoreThe Economic Theories Of Supply Side Economics1485 Words   |  6 PagesSupply-side economics is better known as Reaganomics, or the trickle-down economic policy. It is an economic philosophy that conveys the notion greater tax cuts for investors and entrepreneurs provide incentives to save and invest. This economic theory goes further to suggest that in turn, there are economic benefits which will trickle down into the overall economy. The key to answering whether supply side was successful is grounded in a sound understanding of what it is. Like most economic theories

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Personal Narrative My Independence Day - 1134 Words

The summer of 2013 felt like it was just beginning, but it was coming to an end; an end that would last what seemed like forever. That summer I learned things about myself that I never knew or even thought could be true. I learned how to deal with emotionally painful situations because on July 4th, 2013, I found out my Dad would soon pass away. Still to this day independence day is my least favorite day of the year, and July my least favorite month. I realized different ways that loss affected people; some experience it as soon as it happens, others can get stuck in a state of shock. My father dying has provoked me to think about why we do things and the ways people grieve. I woke up in the guest bedroom of my grandparents’†¦show more content†¦As we entered into Houston traffic, I became more and more worried about my dad. I looked out of the window of my grandpa’s red Cadillac and watched us zoom over all the overpasses. It was around ten p.m., so we did not go to the hospital that night; instead, my paternal grandfather took me to my maternal grandmother’s house. She lived in a suburb of Houston called Pecan Grove. I was angry at my grandfather for not letting me go straight to the hospital, but I was tired, so I didn t argue. The next morning around seven my grandfather came and picked me so that we could go see my dad. As we arrived, everyone was just sitting there in the dull gray chairs that were in the waiting room including my brother, sister, soon to be ex-stepmom, my dad’s girlfriend, and my grandmother and grandfather. They were all sobbing; it was almost as if you could feel their pain. The nurse came to me and told me I could go back into my dad ´s room. As I walked through the suffocating gray hallway, I read a sign in front of the entrance I was directed to, and it said â€Å"ICU,† or intensive care unit. I knew from that point on that he would look much worse than I had imagined. There he was, too b ig for his bed. His feet were hanging off, and he looked pale; he was cold and unresponsive, half of his head was shaved down, and there were staples along his head. I found out later that he had to have part of his skull removed because he had brain swelling and internal bleeding. I staredShow MoreRelatedBiological Narrative1617 Words   |  7 PagesPERSONAL POTRAIT: A BIOLOGICAL NARRATIVE 2 John C. Carter Capella University Dr. Janice J. Caron August 29, 2010 Abstract Eric Erickson is best known for his studies with psychosocial development, or the development of a person within a social context. Eric Erickson’s theories focused primarily on the correlation of the release of sexual tension and psychosexual development. The purpose of this paper is for the author to develop a personal portrait integrating Erickson’s developmentalRead MoreThe Story Of American Slavery1595 Words   |  7 Pagesand control their own life, slaves wanted a sense of independence. According to Blight (2007), â€Å"The war and the presence of Union armies and navies opened pathways to freedom for them, as it did many slaves† (p. 6). Both Washington and Turnage found their path to freedom in their own unique way, and both accounts are riveting memoirs of using wits, guts, and determination to ensure their survival. As Blight (2007) describes, â€Å"In their own personal ways, Washington and Turnage are saying: Here is whoRead MoreEssay on The In novators of American Literature1066 Words   |  5 Pagesillustrate American themes in their personal narratives that quintessentially make part of American Literature. Although they lived in different times during the early development of the United States of America and wrote for different purposes, they share common themes. Their influence by their environment, individualism, proposals for a better society, and events that affected their society generate from their writings. By analyzing Jonathan Edwards Personal Narrative, Resolutions, Sinners in theRead MoreThe Lagoon993 Words   |  4 Pagesautobiographer. Conrad was born on December 3rd 1857 in a Russian-ruled Province of Poland. According to Jocelyn Baines, a literary critic, Conrad was exiled with his parents to northern Russia in 1863 following his parent’s participation in the Polish independence movement. His parents health rapidly deteriorated in Russia, and after their deaths in 1868, Conrad lived in the homes of relatives, where he was often ill and received inconsistent schooling. Conrads birth-given name was Jozef Tedor KonradRead MoreEssay on The Creature as Child in Mary Shelleys Frankenstein1111 Words   |  5 Pageswith a nail in its head if you want. This is what Frankensteins creature is. Frankensteins creature is mentally a child, and we see its evolution through traditional child development in the course of its narrative. But the creature is the only member of its species, and therefore its narrative can be taken to represent the history of an entire species - the creatures first experiences can be viewed as an amalgam of creation myths.    If we choose to view the creature as an individual, andRead MoreIt Is Widely Known That Slavery Is A Brutal, Cruel, And1709 Words   |  7 Pageswas barely possible for the people in the north to know about the details of how the slaves lived in the south due to several factors such as the limit of communications. Fortunately, Fredrick Douglass, an educated run-away slave, published â€Å"The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass† to tell the slaves’ life and the truths behind the institution of slavery in the south, which shocked the whole nation and became a catalyst for further more intense abolition movements and the outbreak of civilRead MoreHistory Of Education And The Problem Of The Nation767 Words   |  4 Pageson the idea that the communication of a progressive narrative about the country’s past will teach the young students a sense of loyalty to the state or nationalism. This theory implies that students will respect and uphold national princip les if taught them as children. â€Å"The paper questions some of the arguments which have been put forward in order to justify a return to a history curriculum based on a positive and unproblematic narrative of the national story and suggests that such a courseRead MoreHow Does Jasper Fforde s The Eyre Affair Testify?1419 Words   |  6 PagesThe Eyre Affair testify to the importance of reading in the formation of one’s self-identity? Many aspects contribute to the formation of a person’s self-identity. Whether it be their surroundings, their culture, their language, or even other’s personal identities, they all shape one’s perception of the world, the self-imposed rules surrounding them, and where they believe they belong within it. This world is encompassed with stories, and they contribute to the fabrication of everything ever knownRead MoreA Slave No More By David Blight Essay1739 Words   |  7 Pagestheir own decisions and control their own life, slaves wanted a sense of independence. According to Blight (2007), â€Å"The war and the presence of Union armies and navies opened pathways to freedom for them, as it did many slaves† (p. 6). Both narratives are fascinating accounts of using courage, intellect, and ongoing determination of warranting survival and finding freedom. As Blight (2007) describes, â€Å"In their own personal ways, Washington and Turnage are saying: Here is w ho I am; here is how I achievedRead MoreLife Is A Collaborative Endeavor1075 Words   |  5 Pagespeople that surround me, and the resources at my disposal. A myriad of factors have allowed me to get to this position in life and sport is certainly a prominent one. The first three weeks of this course have provided me with the opportunity to reflect upon my own life and analyze concepts such as growth mindset, age of independence, social mobility, and even the value of relationships. The most prominent influence on my life has unquestionably been my parents. With each passing year it becomes seemingly

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Accounting for Strategy Management and Control

Question: Discuss about the Accounting for Strategy Management and Control. Answer: Introduction: In the year 2008, Volkswagen decided to introduce diesel-fuelled cars, since then it has paved the way for several scandals faced by the company. The companys main risk was seen in terms of the breaching of the countries rules related of the pollution control and environmental laws. This was directly evident from the emission scandal, which took place in the late 2015. The main scandal was seen in tem of the breach of the environmental laws of United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Hence, the main risk was associated to legal risk, which was imposed on the car company by the respective council for the environmental laws. In the year 2013-2015, more than 580000 owners of Volkswagen were on the verge of facing longer-term challenges (Schiermeier, 2015). According to Burki (2015), the risk associated was related to the depreciating value of the used cars. The second risk of the company was mainly seen in the emissions of NOx, European Environment Agency, saw the death of 500000 people in Europe due to poor quality of air (Barrett et al., 2015). The scientific data collected gave a clear picture of the nitrogen oxide in environmental concentrations related to the people. The third risk was seen in terms of the getting an approval on the performance and fuel efficiency of the cars. The risk calculator has determined the risk statement with the level of risk. It has been able to present the rationale determining the each risk component to be high, medium or low. The risk calculator has been shown below as follows: Risk Exposure Calculator Risk area Risk Rating Notes Growth 1. Pressure imposed by the company to meet the target 4 As per the message given by the sales executive, there was immense pressure on the company to be on the top. 2. The Growth rate of the company in the year 2015 2 The value of the company plummeted as the company embroiled into the scandal. The global sales fell by 2% following the aftermath of the scandal related to the Carbon dioxide emission. Thereby breaching the laws of several environmental protection agencies (Hotten, 2015) 3. Experience level of people at Volkswagen 3 The lacks of experience among the engineers has led to several controversy in the past. The controversies are directly related to the CO2 emissions. This is relevant to the up gradation of the manufacturing of the engines as the environmental laws imposed by the different countries (Ruddick, 2015). Culture 1. The amount of potential rewards given to the people involved in the business which is as a result of the entrepreneurial risk 4 The rewards for the entrepreunial risk are seen in terms of long-term incentive, annual appraisal and enhancement in the employment security (, 2016). 2. The nature of senior management to avoid hearing bad news 2 It has been clearly stated in the given case study that Martin Winterkorn was a demanding boss who did not like failures. The style of the management-fostered fear among the employees as it was authoritative in nature. On a handful of the executives dared to approach Winterkorn. 3. The need for friendlier grievance redress system 1 Information Management 1. The intricacy level of the information needed to run the business 4 The various types of the operation related to the manufacturing process of large diesel bore engines for marine and stationary applications, turbochargers, turbo machinery (steam and gas turbines), compressors and chemical reactors. The intricacies are also seen in terms of the application vehicle transmissions, special gears related to the car(Kretchmer, 2015). 2. How are the amount of gaps involved between the information actually needed and the information actually available 4 Due to limited engagement of the higher management with the employees of the organization there is a high amount of gap observed for the redress of the employee problems (Thompson Kottasova, 2015). 3. The amount of decisions taken by the company who are not a part of the core team 1 The company makes sure that the critical operations are carried out by only those individuals who are a part of the core team of the company Total (out of maximum 45) 25 The technical roles are seen in terms of the application of the budgets that will help the company with better cost management and cost control. The various types of the other technical roles can be seen terms of the application and the usage of the techniques such as Activity Based Costing, traditional costing, economic value added and shareholders value added. The economic value added is shown below with an example given below The application of the aforementioned tools will help the company in better assessment of cost management and cost control. Another technical aspect can be seen in terms of the company is getting a fix in terms of the software but this would not solve the problem of getting an approval for the cheaper variety of the cars. It has been also observed that the installed TDI device in the different types of the 11 million cars across the USA and Europe and was only detected by a group of scientists when the cases related to the discrepancies around the emission level of Volkswagens diesel car products were on the rise (Ewing, 2015). Some of the social aspects included in the study can be demonstrated with the application of the disclosure of the budgets. The use of Budgets acts as an useful tool because it can be used to motivate employees or staff at Volkswagen. At the same time, budgets are issued, because it creates other issues such as fraud risk analysis and budget slack. Some of more noted social aspects can be seen in terms of giving an augmented focus on the CSR activities and adopting a strategy circumvent emissions control for curbing the problem at highest levels. Reference List (2016). [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Dec. 2016]. Barrett, S. R., Speth, R. L., Eastham, S. D., Dedoussi, I. C., Ashok, A., Malina, R., Keith, D. W. (2015). Impact of the Volkswagen emissions control defeat device on US public health.Environmental Research Letters,10(11), 114005. Burki, T. K. (2015). Diesel cars and health: the Volkswagen emissions scandal.The Lancet Respiratory Medicine,3(11), 838-839. Ewing, J. (2015). Volkswagen Says 11 Million Cars Worldwide Are Affected in Diesel Deception.The New York Times,22. Hotten, R. (2015). Volkswagen: The scandal explained. BBC News. 10 December 2015. Kretchmer, H. (2015). 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